From the creator of Chillounge Night, Cirque du Chill and the Sunset Lounge Experience.

The Glow Table Dinner concept was conceived within our parent company, Chillounge Night, an established, quality, event production company, to provide an exceptional social event that was safe for patrons within the confines of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We are in the process of producing a number of these enchanting alfresco dining experiences throughout Florida, partnering with local restaurants to provide a memorable evening for all to enjoy. Imagine 40 beautiful glow tables, seating up to 400 people, in an idyllic social distancing setting, available with menu options and select entertainment.
Stay tuned as we unveil the initial list of cities/locations to provide this unique dining and social event that we crave to return to.

The concept is also ideal for charitable fundraisers or private corporate functions.

We can work with your organization in planning such an event to create that special, magical evening.

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Coming to Your City Soon